This form must be completed BEFORE any inspection/work begins.

I/We understand that all repairs and services will be billed at the current hourly rate, as well as necessary parts used to complete the job. Summers Irrigation Inc. strives to provide its customers quality service at a fair price. Please note, however, that some damages are often not visible and variables exist. Complications can arise and do from time to time. Know that you will be billed per man hour for actual time spent repairing your system. Should a trencher be utilized, there will be a one-time equipment charge of $250.00. Prior to commencing work, also, all pets shall be kept securely away from the workers during our visit.

Should it be necessary, Summers Irrigation Inc. will contact Miss Dig to mark utility lines. If Summers Irrigation Inc. is working near a property line, it is the customer’s responsibility to mark those lines. If an unmarked line of any kind is damaged or installed on the wrong property, the cost of repairs shall be the customer’s responsibility. The customer MUST mark – with flags or paint markers – ANY private underground improvements to be avoided, as well as where work might be known. This includes, but it not limited to lighting and invisible dog fences. Should incorrectly installed items require relocating as a result of failure to mark–work will be done at the customer’s expense. Another Contractor may need to be hired; at the customer’s expense should any additional specialty work be deemed necessary.

DEPOSITS ARE REQUIRED for commencement of work order. Balance is due and required UPON JOB COMPLETION. A partial payment does not constitute payment in full. On jobs over $500 – (½) half is due upon start of work, and the balance is to be paid upon completion. An annual percentage rate of 18% is due upon any bills unpaid over 30 days. Also, a late fee of $35/month will be incurred. Any costs related to collection of unpaid debts for services rendered will include, but not be limited to, a 20% restocking fee, court costs, Attorney’s fees, collection fees, lost wages at $90/hr. sustained by the customer. Any discounts or waived fees will no longer be applicable and shall be required in full. Any and all offers are independent and a-le-carte and cannot be combined in any way. The homeowner agrees to allow Summers Irrigation Inc. to remove from their property any parts that were not paid for in full. A 4% administration fee may be applied to credit card payment over $500.
PLEASE NOTE: Any charges made by credit card per authorization and/or by administrative error, will be refunded back to the original form of payment within 14 business days.

LITIGATION & VENUE: Should it be necessary for Summers Irrigation Inc. to employ an attorney, collection agency or any firm or person to collect any amount due to it under an agreement, whether suit must be filed or not, Summers Irrigation Inc. shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees, and all costs for: collection, legal preparation, prosecution, defense and appeals of any action taken on behalf of Summers Irrigation Inc. Th e venue for any action at law or contest between parties will be held in the State of Michigan and will be held in Oakland County, Michigan and shall be governed by the laws of the state of Michigan.

Receipts are sent out via e-mail (if indicated) same day or by USPS upon completion. [ * are requried fields ]

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